Make Web Installer (Creating web installers)

Make Web Installer is a free program which allows creation of web installers on Windows platform (x86 & x64). It creates a small executable (EXE) program (approx. 2.5 MB), which downloads your full installer from internet, if it is a ZIP archive, then it unpacks it, then launches the downloaded file and when it is finished, removes all downloaded/extracted files.

Make Web Installer is particularly useful for distribution of large installers over internet.

Program description

  • Downloading via http or https - ftp is under development
  • Option to choose a custom icon for the web installer
  • Option to copy version information from another executable file
  • Various folders for download file (TEMP, desktop, current folder)
  • UAC auto elevation (none, run with highest available permission, run as administrator)
  • Various options for deleting downloaded files (immediately after termination, after restarting the computer, do not delete)
  • Automatic detection of the language by OS

You can create web installer simple in three steps:

  • Enter the URL of the file to download (EXE, MSI or ZIP). In the case of the ZIP archive, specify what file to launch after it is unpacked.
  • Enter the name of your program and its version number.
  • Enter the target web installer (an EXE file).
  • Optionally, use additional settings.

Supported languages:

  • Creating web installer: English
  • Web installer: English, Čeština ‑ other languages in preparation

The program is provided free of charge and royalty free even for commercial use.

Free download Make Web Installer

Name: MakeWebInst.exe
Size: 5.5 MB